About Us

We WELCOME you to QWERTYKeyboard.org!

It is the tool where users can test their keyboard with a QWERTY layout to check if it is working. We develop this tool for a professional audience like typists and Gamers to make their work Easy.

Brainstorming the idea of developing such a tool was an accident. While working on our projects, one of our senior developers faces an issue with the keyboard.

To troubleshoot this problem, we head towards the Internet to discover some online keyboard testers. There was a lot of utility tool available online. But, most of them were not working well, missing keyboard keys, and most sites were poor in terms of UI. It is what makes most working professionals disappointed. Like We were! 🙂

We took this as an opportunity to launch the product on the Internet. We started researching especially on the QWERTY keyboard (due to its universal usage.) Our only purpose was to design an intent-satisfying tool to solve their problem. Our team did leave nothing that to dispirit our visitors.

We are always ready to change our website according to the need of users. If you want an idea that can positively impact users, you can share it with us via the contact page.